Sunday, February 25, 2018

30 Day Challenge - Day 25 - Korean Statue & More

Yesterday the NYC Urban Sketchers met at the Brooklyn Museum to sketch. There were some interesting exhibits. I knew I needed to do my gouache painting for Leslie Saeta's "30 Paintings in 30 Days" challenge. I wandered up to the Korean Art exhibit and found this statue. It was one of two on display and it is a boy attendant from the Joseon dynasty in Korea during the 18th Century.

After lunch I headed down to the lobby. The combination of this statue, the brick wall and the archway had interested me when I came into the museum, but I saved it for the second half of the day realizing that the statue itself was going to be a challenge. The statue is "The Fallen Angels" by Salvatore Albano. Marble statues are always intimidating as I have to think about what colors to use on the white that will show the shading and the shape. Then this particular statue had such strange contortions of the bodies of the fallen angels. It was very difficult to figure out what body part belonged to each angel. I ended up sketching the statue with a ultramarine blue watercolor pencil and then going over that with a light wash water-soluble graphite pencil. Watercolors were added later.

As usual the group gathered at the end of the day for libations and to share our artwork at a local restaurant/bar called Tooker's Alley. The bar is artist friendly and they even have blank pages in the back of their menu for patrons to draw something to leave for their archives. I didn't sketch in the menu. These are three of the other sketchers who were seated across from me.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

30 Day Challenge - Day 24 - Poultry Farm

Yesterday our weather included drizzle for much of the day, but I wanted to paint an outdoor scene. I went to a poultry farm not far from me. You can select your own fresh poultry there. They have several huge roosters, one in front along the street, and one in the back. When I got there I parked next to several cars with a good view of the rooster, but I can't tell you how many people parked right in front of the rooster while I was there, blocking my view. lol It wasn't like they were anywhere near the shop entrance parking there! Anyway the rooster is my Day 24 gouache painting subject for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" Challenge.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

30 Day Challenge - Day 23 - Foggy View to the Bay & Shoes

We had some warm temperatures the last few days and that combined with the cold ground gave us a bit of fog in the early part of the day when I was out scoping out a place to paint. I ended up down by the bay in Blue Point to do my Day 23 gouache painting for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" Challenge.
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Last night the Patchogue Sketch Club met at the library. Our theme for the night was "Shoes." Everyone put their shoes that they brought on the long table that was set up. A timer was set for 15 minutes for you to sketch what was in front of you. When the timer rang you would move two seats to your right and sketch again, and then move again. etc. It was a fun way to get to sketch most of the shoes that were brought for the night. Everyone's favorite were the feathery pink shoes.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

30 Day Challenge - Day 22 - Can of Flowers

As one of my Valentine gifts my husband bought me a bouquet of flowers. I originally put them in a glass vase but decided they looked too stuffy and formal. Instead I placed them in a tin can and used that as the subject for my Day 22 gouache painting for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" Challenge.

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For those of you who may be interested in an upcoming challenge, both Marc Holmes and Liz Steele are organizing a 1 week challenge to sketch 100 people. It begins on March 5. I am hoping to participate again like last year.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

30 Day Challenge - Day 21 - Sally

Yesterday I went to do portraits with my art group. We missed last week so it was good to get back to doing one. Sally posed for my Day 21 gouache painting for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" Challenge. I am finding it much easier to do skin tones with gouache instead of watercolors.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

30 Day Challenge - Day 20 - Road to the Marina

I was up near Cedar Beach in Mt. Sinai today. The day had started out sunny but by the time I drove up there it was cloudy. I drove all the way to the end of the road and nothing jumped out at me. However when I turned around and saw how the road curved right in front of the marina I knew I had found the location for my Day 20 painting for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge." Don't forget to check out some of the other great work by the other artists participating in the challenge. You can find their work here.

Monday, February 19, 2018

30 Day Challenge - Day 19 - Barn View

I drive around a lot always looking for new scenes to paint here on Long Island. Yesterday I was going from a friend's house headed to a particular spot to paint and was using the GPS on my phone for the best route. On the way I passed this awesome barn and just had to stop. I had never seen it before. So the barn became the subject for my Day 19 gouache painting for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" Challenge. I sat along the side of the road to paint this.